Foshan Polytechnic (FSPT) is a public full-time higher vocational college. It was founded in June 2000 and organized by Foshan Municipal People’s Government. At present, it is headquarter of Foshan Vocational and Technological Education Base (FSVTEB) , the chairman unit of the Union of Foshan Vocational school-industry Cooperation, and the leading member of Foshan Vocational Education Association. Iis one of the top demonstrative vocational colleges in Guangdong province.  


Located in the center of Sanshui National Industrial Park in Foshan, FSPT covers an area of 64.2 hectares with a floor area of 235, 000 square meters. In 2020, nearly 10,000 full-time students study in FSPT consisting of six schools, namely School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, School of Electronics and Information, School of Automotive Engineering, School of Business Management, School of Financial Management, and School of Marxism, supported by two national public training centers, one national VR training center, 11 provincial training bases, and 14 provincial off-campus fieldwork bases. The teaching equipment value is estimated at 150 million RMB altogether.

Upholding the motto of “Self-cultivating, Being Studious, Developing Skills, and Being Innovative, FSPT adopts a developing strategy of “Publicizing morality, Strengthening human resources, Raising qualities, and Improving uniqueness and make consistent efforts in meeting local industrial needs, offering services to businesses, securing the quality of vocational education, and interacting with enterprises. It keeps an eye on the development of major industries in Foshan or even the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and makes annual plan according to Guangdong’s innovation-driven development strategy, intelligent manufacturing development plan and demands to adjust regional industrial structure. Thus the college offers 10 groups of programs for the need of advanced manufacturing, new strategic industries, high-tech industries and modern service industries, such as Equipment Manufacturing, Intelligent Control, Opto-Electronic Engineering technology, Automobile Engineering technology, Information technology, and so on. Generally, it is carrying out 37 programs, focusing on engineering, complemented by liberal arts, management, economics, and art. Among them, four are national key ones, five are provincial key ones, and nine are provincial brands. At present, six program, such as electrical automation technology and photovoltaic technology, are being forged as top ones in China which meet international standards, of which successful experience will be applied to make the rest ones more advanced.

In recent years, the college has made great efforts in practicing the Dual System in personnel training reform, emphasizing industry involvement in the vocational education and training. For instance, it initiates to found the Union of School-Industry Cooperation for Vocational Education in Foshan, the Union of Personnel Training through School-Industry Coordination in Sanshui Industrial Park, and to build the Personnel Training Base of Machinery through Government-School-Industry Coordination in Foshan which is part of Guangdong Personnel Training Platform. It works side by side with FAW-Volkswagen (Foshan), Haier, and Chang’an Ford to enhance students’ abilities. It cooperates with Foshan Kohler and Sanshui Hop Shing Engineering to make training projects. What’ s more, it makes scientific researches and creates new products with local enterprises like Foshan Nobel Robots. Therefore, it finds a way to make targeted achievement, provide for the one in need, and translate it into application.  

To empower the college with talents, teachers' ethics becomes the top priority. FSPT actively implements the strategy of strengthening the college with talents, taking the construction of teachers' morality and style as the main line, besides, it constantly puts forward the projects to recruit high-level talents, to improve the quality of full-time teachers, to train the key teachers, and to invite skillful craftsmen to deliver classes. It also constantly optimizes the structure of teaching staff so as to improve the overall capacity. Owing to these efforts, it has made outstanding teaching achievements, including more than 60 national awards, one national prize of teaching achievement awarded by the Ministry of Education, 3 professional teaching resources, 26 awards in skills competitions and 1 professional IEET certification. In addition, it has won more than 430 provincial awards, including 65 for engineering project quality, and 58 provincial key platforms and scientific research projects.

Remarkable success has been made in improving the quality of personnel training. The data shows that annual prizes won by students in national college competition of vocational skills keeps within the top 30. Among them, 26 are national rewards, 196 provincial ones and 4 awarded in the international skill competitions. Zhang Zhanyao, a graduate in the year of 2016, was awarded "Top 10 Entrepreneurial Stars of College Students 2017" by CCYL and the Secretariat of National Union of Student. Graduates from FSPT are widely accepted in society. Statistics shows that 100% freshmen gave their preference to Foshan Polytechnic when they applied for the College Entrance Examination in 2019. Good news is that more than 97.5% graduates in recent three years have already found a suitable job before September and 99.5% have theirs when the year ends, which makes FSPT a most admirable polytechnic in Guangdong.

The college has continued to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation by expanding cooperative network and negotiating agreements on curriculum constructions together with overseas institutions and colleges. It has input high-quality educational resources to internationalize the teaching staff. For example, FSPT applies Germany vocational philosophy to teaching activities, and sets up Foshan Sino-German Vocational Training Center(FSGVTC) by cooperating with Foshan Sino-German Industrial Services Zone (Foshan New City), which becomes one of the six major training centers of Guangdong province. Besides, jointly with KUKA Group, it establishes Robot Application and Advanced Training Center(RAATC). Also, the college has carried out the Sino-French “2+2” project of Bachelor for international management with Groupe ESC Clermont.

By adhering to the mainline of cooperation in running schools, cultivating talents, realizing employment, and promoting mutual development,  FSPT will keep dedicating itself to cultivating high-quality technical and skilled personnel with craftsmanship. It is believed that the future will witness FSPT a top polytechnic with characteristics within home and abroad.